Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

As a new client, you may have some questions or concerns that need answers. Below we've compiled answers to many of the frequently asked questions we get asked daily. 


Where is the studio located?


Our studio is located at 208 Church Street SE, Unit 200, Leesburg, VA 20175.


What's the best way to contact the Awesome Product Photography team?


As we are typically busy photographing, we recommend contacting us via email at info@awesomeproductphotography.com


What is the expected turnaround time for images?


We can provide images of your products approximately seven days after receiving them at our studio.


Can you provide commercial or editorial photos?


Yes, we will work with you directly to understand the full brief of what you are looking for. We offer commercial and editorial work for product photos and product photos with a plain white background.


How many products can you handle?


As an experienced team, we have an excellent workflow in place. We can cater 1000's of products at a time.


What should I do before sending my products to you?


We would strongly recommend you maintain a catalog of products and a numbering system for every product. An excel spreadsheet typically works best. Putting in the time to organize it will make production much faster.


Are images edited to ensure they are void of dust spots or imperfections?


Yes, we work on each image during our post-processing to ensure the maximum quality is achieved. All images are checked for dust spots or any other imperfections that could hamper the quality.


For the price, what's included in my package?


Each package and client has different needs; however, there are many similarities to what we offer. After understanding how many products you have and the required turnaround time, we will provide high-quality images via a digital access portal. Within the portal, you will be able to review and approve images.


What happens if a photo isn't quite right?


If you're not happy with the photos, we'll need to reshoot them. If you provided clear direction in your order form or via email and we messed up, that's on us. We'll gladly reshoot the unapproved images for free. If you change your mind or want something different from what you specified in your order form, you will need to pay for the reshoot.


How many products are considered to be in a group image?


Group product images consist of 2 or more products in a scene. These photos are charged separately to individual product shots.

I'm going to send you products then pay, is this okay?


Unfortunately not, the reason being is we photograph many products daily. To avoid mixing client products, you first must contact us through our online portal. We can then work with you directly to advise when to send products.


What file types are provided?


The product photos we take appear on many different platforms; it's easier to work directly with the client to understand their individual needs. Typically though, aside from image sizes, we can provide full resolution TIFFs, web-ready images in the form of .jpegs or .png files or Clipped PNG files.