Amazon Product Image Requirements: What You Need to Know

Amazon Product Image Requirements: What You Need to Know

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Preparing a series of product images is an essential task for every seller. A product image is the first glimpse of your product for the buyer. Therefore, product images are the most crucial tool to catch the attention of any prospective buyer. On platforms like Amazon, buyers want good photos of the product to see whether it matches their expectations or not. Here we shall tell you about Amazon picture requirements and how you can maintain image standards on Amazon. 

General Standards for Amazon Product Images

Amazon has already set some standards regarding the images that sellers have to upload. These include:

  • Firstly, the product image should accurately display the item that is being sold. Minimum usage of props is recommended so that the buyers get a clear view of the product. 

  • All key features of the product mentioned in the description should be visible in the images as well. 

  • The primary image or the MAIN image should have a white background. This is to ensure that the image is accurately displayed on the Amazon search page. 

  • For the main image, the seller has to upload professional photographs only. Sellers cannot post graphics, illustrations, etc., for the primary image. Any text, accessory, prop, etc. that might confuse the viewer is not allowed in the primary picture. 

  • The product needs to fill at least 85% of the image area and should exactly match what the title says. Moreover, posting multiple views of a single image under 'MAIN images' is prohibited. 

Image Quality Requirements

Amazon product images should have a resolution that is higher than 72 DPI. Moreover, these images should measure at least 1000-pixels or larger, either along with the height or the width. Amazon fixes the minimum size to ensure that the zoom feature works smoothly for the product images.

JPEG is the most preferred file format for Amazon product images. However, Amazon allows you to upload images in GIF (.gif) or TIFF (.tif) file formats. 

Ensure the images are not out of focus. Besides, cropped images or blurry and pixelated photos are not allowed either. 

Product Models

For Amazon product images, you cannot use mannequins. It can be the product itself, or a model should be there if it is a garment. However, the primary images of non-apparel items cannot include models. 

If a model is present in the picture, they should be standing and not lying, sitting, leaning, etc. No nudity or sexually explicit imagery is permitted. 

Secondary Images

For the benefit of buyers, Amazon allows sellers to upload Secondary images as well. These images can show any aspect or view that might not be visible in the primary images. The image standards remain the same for Secondary images as well. 


So, these were some important guidelines that sellers need to follow for uploading pictures of their products on Amazon. Always remember that maintaining quality and consistency in Amazon product images will always boost your sales. However, if the images are not in accordance with the rules laid down by Amazon, they'll be of no use. Thus, fulfill these Amazon picture requirements, and show your product to the world with pride. 

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