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Empire Rolling

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Empire rolling papers are some of the most popular papers on the market. They are made in the USA and are known for their thinness and slow burning properties. The $100 bill rolling paper is one of their most popular products. These papers are made with a thin layer of rice paper and are ideal for rolling cigarettes. They come in a pack of 50 and are available in a variety of colors.


We did photo and video work for empire rolling $100 bill rolling papers, which helped them sell a lot on shopify website and on amazon. We also did digital marketing that caused them to sell even more on shopify website and on amazon.


Empire Rolling Papers are in well over 9,000 locations worldwide.


Over 10 million Empire Rolling Papers have been used.


Annualized growth since working with SFA.


32 Countries worldwide

Getting Empire To the Next Level

Our team of experienced professionals developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focused on increasing brand recognition and awareness, boosting engagement and expanding their customer base. First, we started with an SEO campaign to ensure that Empire Rolling was getting the maximum amount of exposure on search engine results pages. We also crafted an effective PPC campaign to target relevant keywords and drive more qualified traffic to their website. We then implemented a social media strategy and created content that resonated with their target audience. We used influencer marketing to get their brand in front of the right people, while also engaging with their customers on a personal level. Finally, we worked on building an email list and developed email campaigns that utilized segmentation, automation and personalization to increase conversions and drive sales. The combination of our digital marketing efforts resulted in a dramatic increase in brand awareness, engagement and sales for Empire Rolling. We helped them reach the next level and develop a strong digital presence that has helped them continue to grow and thrive.

Art Direction.

We helped Empire Rolling by doing photo and video work to evoke a sense of sophistication, affluence and make people feel significant when using our products. Our goal was to make people feel like they were part of an elite group when using our products. We succeeded in our goal and Empire Rolling is now one of the most popular brands of rolling papers.

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