About us



KTG is an E-commerce store educational firm. KTG takes great pride in helping all size clientele. 

To help companies reach their full potential while directly and indirectly helping the lives of thousands.
KTG has two programs to fit all sizes of clientele:
  1. Business Model Franchising. Through our proven system any qualified business can go from zero E-commerce presence to generating cashflow month after month.
  2. Outsourcing program. This program is for large firms that want a boost in revenue and want to expand and market their brand. Requirements for this program include a proven following of over 1,000,000 users/ customers. The Outsourcing program allows for the client to focus on core competencies while their brand is marketed and scaled effectively. The outsourcing program gives clients total control over their brand.
Originally founded as a e-merchandising company KTG developed into serving a wide variety of services including website development, developing all promotional materials. In 2014 KTG restructured to focus on e-commerce.