Video Marketing

Capture your audience with powerful video marketing campaigns that help you sell from anywhere.



Video Ads

Videos that are designed for mobile and social media platforms. These videos are intended to be high-energy to capture the viewers' attention to get them interested in learning more about your brand by visiting your profile or product listing. Video ads are targeted to be 5-15 seconds with the main objective of getting potential customers to your brand page and or product listing.


Product Video

Videos that are designed for their product listing as an educational video on how to best use the product or call out key product features. Product videos are targeted to be 15-30 seconds and optimized for the specific video placement (Amazon, Shopify listing, etc.).


Brand Videos

Videos that are designed to communicate key brand messaging and values. These videos are intended to share what your brand is about and what’s important to you as a company. Typically these videos are 45+ second videos and designed for your website. These videos require significant pre-production planning including storyboarding, location scouting, client interviews, etc.

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