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Dirty Dicks Hotsauce

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Dirty Dicks is the perfect hot sauce for those who like it hot! This sauce is made with a blend of habanero and ghost peppers, so it packs a serious punch. If you're looking for a hot sauce that will turn up the heat on your favorite dishes, then Dirty Dicks is the sauce for you!


We took dirty dicks hot sauce to a top 30 seller on amazon with our amazing marketing efforts by totally redoing all of the listings and doing better marketing. We added better pictures, more detailed descriptions, and improved the overall look and feel of the listings. In addition, we actively marketed the sauce through social media and other channels. As a result, sales increased significantly, and we are now one of the top 30 sellers on Amazon!

Top 30

Top 30 seller on Amazon thanks to our help!


Within 30 days we were able to take Dirty Dicks to 60k in orders.


Monthly growth since working with Sell From Anywhere


Over 3,000 bottles sold monthly.

Slinging Sauce

Check out the Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce Sales Chart after working with us.

Before And After


Dirty Dicks had over 15 delinquent listings which we had to delete, merge, report, or adjust. We then merged into one listing with variations and combined the positive reviews and optimized the listing. We then launched new photos, videos and implemented keywords to rank higher.

Help My Listings


We created one superpower listing and cleaned all of the delinquent listings up.

Help My Listings

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