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Dirty Dicks Hotsauce

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Dirty Dicks is a fiery hot sauce made with a potent blend of habanero and ghost peppers. Ideal for spicing up your favorite dishes, Dirty Dicks delivers a scorching kick.


Our marketing efforts transformed Dirty Dicks into a top 30 seller on Amazon. We revamped listings with improved pictures, detailed descriptions, and a polished look. We also actively promoted the sauce through social media and other channels, resulting in a significant sales increase.

Top 30

Amazon seller rank


Orders within 90 days


Monthly growth since partnering with Sell From Anywhere


Bottles sold monthly

Sales Growth

The sales chart for Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce skyrocketed after our collaboration.

Before And After


Before: Dirty Dicks had over 15 delinquent listings, which we deleted, merged, reported, or adjusted. We combined positive reviews and optimized the listing, launching new photos, videos, and implementing keywords for better ranking.

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We consolidated listings into one powerful listing and effectively cleaned up all delinquent listings. Additionally, we removed unauthorized distributors, established exclusive distribution relationships, and outlined a marketing plan with a clear allocation of revenue funds. We also set up transparency measures and implemented brand benefits to maximize sales.

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