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Creative Content

  • Product Launch
  • Building Hype
  • Advertising Images & Video


The Dropps laundry detergent campaign was an exciting project, where we created engaging content and built a fully immersive laundry room set in our studio. This allowed us to showcase the Dropps products effectively, generating interest and excitement around their brand.

Creating the Set

We constructed a realistic laundry room within our studio, featuring a washer and dryer, laundry baskets, and the entire range of Dropps products. This setup enabled us to produce captivating videos and high-quality images, highlighting the effectiveness and appeal of the Dropps laundry detergent line.

The Results

Our team had a blast filming the videos and experimenting with the products, resulting in a successful campaign that built hype and anticipation for the Dropps laundry detergent launch. The visual content we produced not only showcased the products effectively but also conveyed the fun and dynamic nature of the Dropps brand.

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