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Rich’s Backyard is on a great track in the first few weeks with key brand creation and protection activities under way. We’ve made great progress on our foundational digital marketing strategy, creative content and Amazon listings. The market response to the work we’ve done to date is very promising, with great customer feedback and satisfaction.

Rich's Backyard is an exciting new seasonings brand that was recently licensed by our company. We saw the potential in Rich's Backyard to become a top seller in the seasonings and spices market, so we set out to create a line of seasonings that would be both superior in taste and competitively priced. Our hard work paid off: Rich's Backyard is now a trending product on Amazon, quickly becoming one of the top-selling seasonings on the platform. We're thrilled to have made Rich's Backyard a success, and we look forward to seeing the brand continue to grow in popularity.

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