The Product Image Editing Service for E-Commerce

The Product Image Editing Service for E-Commerce

On e-commerce websites, product images are the only medium to convince a user to buy a product. If your images aren't creative and appealing, the visitor will find it hard to trust your brand and won't make any purchase. Professional retouching is essential to lend charm to a product image. Thus, we shall look at some photo editing services available in various industries that enable sellers to make higher sales. 

Editing Services for Wedding Photographers

All glamorous pictures of celebrity weddings that you see on Instagram appear momentous only after retouching. Delivering high-quality images before deadlines is an important part of a wedding photographer's job. While clicking pictures from the best possible angles depends on the photographer's expertise, a photo editing agency needs to be contacted for professional post-processing. 

These agencies help in delivering edited images at a quick pace during peak wedding season. They also offer attractive packages for adding an artistic flair to wedding albums. They provide detailed color retouching, background enhancement, framing, and many other services. 

Editing Services for Amazon Listings

Getting enticing product images and posting them on Amazon can be a worrying task for some sellers. Expert photographic skills need to be combined with the necessary retouching to achieve the same. Some agencies specialize in editing product images meant for Amazon. Amazon has laid down specific requirements for product images that the sellers need to fulfill. 

According to the guidelines, these agencies help by adjusting the image quality, brightness, contrast, color grading, etc. They help in removing watermarks, logos, jagged edges and can resize the image so that it adheres to the requirements of Amazon. 

Editing Services For eBay Listings

Just like Amazon, eBay, too, has its image standards for product photographs. Good product photos directly influence the traffic conversion rate. eBay editors know what to modify in an image to make it suitable for the listings. Some agencies have editors with more than a decade's experience in this domain. 

These editors remove unwanted elements from the background. The appropriate color effects are used to make the image more appealing. They also help in resizing and adjusting the resolution, aspect ratio, etc., of the image. The agencies deliver the final image in the format that eBay recommends for pictures. 

Editing Services For Real Estate

Real estate photographers usually have a difficult task at hand. They are required to click clear pictures of real estate developments and ensure that the metrics are precise and accurate. Getting all this right only through photography skills or through the use of high-tech cameras is not possible. Thus, photo editing services for real estate photographers are growing in demand. 

The agencies that help these services in the virtual staging of any property, making it look more appealing and marketable. They provide metric-driven editing. Moreover, these agencies also help in preparing 2D and 3D floor plans. Regular editing features like resizing, exposure balancing, perspective correction, 360-degree image enhancement, etc., are also included. 

Editing Services for Portrait Photographs

Portrait photographers find work in a variety of settings. They can be called for personal, corporate, or promotional projects. Since the face is the most prominent aspect of portrait photographs, the final image must have pleasing aesthetics and visual appeal. Agencies that offer photo editing services are commonly hired for this purpose. 

When it comes to promotional portraits, the editors help in depicting a signature style that people associate with a brand. Other portrait retouches like eye and teeth whitening, lip-retouching, image liquefying, feature sharpening, etc., are also performed. Various portrait editing tools are used to give creative results to clients. 


So, these were some examples of how professional photo editing services offered by agencies help businesses grow. You can find relevant editing agencies in your domain as well. Good editing and retouching will produce a remarkable difference and will certainly catalyze your sales. 

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