Social Marketing

Did you know more than two-thirds of consumers rely on social media to make buying decisions? That means how you frame or structure your social media ads directly impacts your sales and revenue.


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Strategy sessions

Develop a successful strategy for your social media advertising efforts. Follow Noetic’s best practices and take advantage of our extensive knowledge of running thousands of paid social media ads.


Graphic design

Design eye-catching designs for all social media platforms. Test the performance of several ad formats at the same time.


Paid advertising

Launch paid social campaigns to build brand awareness, engagement and conversions for cold, warm and hot audiences. A/B test ads for best results, and track and optimize for continuous improvement. Begin retargeting campaigns to reduce your cost-per-action (CPA), remind your customers to convert, and nurture your best clients.



Write compelling copy that will lead your audience to take the desired action. Develop copy for ads, landing pages and more.


Targeted Audience Selection

Customize ads based on your desired audience’s demographics, psychographics and interest. Reach your ideal audience through geofencing ads to focus on your most valuable audiences.


Activity tracking

Through custom conversions, track your audience activity on your website that originated from your social media advertisements.

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